About Us

Relax… we’ve got your firm covered!

Think of Guy Brothers Consulting as your outsourced IT department.  Traditionally, firms would either hire in house IT staff with specific roles, having limited capacity and knowledge based resources.  Alternatively, support was outsourced on an hourly basis.

At Guy Brothers Consulting, we utilize unlimited service plans- a simple, predictable, non-committal service agreement without unexpected service charges.  In short, you gain a higher level of support, larger pool of “IT Knowledge” and wide variety of skills and backgrounds all for a lower price than a full time IT department.  Taking on all IT responsibilities from the IT closet to vendor management, our clients rely on us to fulfill the IT role without worry knowing our proactive approach helps to identify issues and create a long-term plan.

Too good to be true? Never.  Here is our process:






Starting on day 1, our systems inventory and monitor all key systems and network functions.  This means our Help Desk is notified if a hard drive is likely to fail, a server is too hot, a computer has a virus, or its time to replace the toner in the office printer.

Best Practices

Our team’s backgrounds stem from a variety of industries and professions- from the corporate office to military service.  The combined skill set our teams carry allows us to implement true best practices in to all the services we provide.

And Yes- we love Macs & PCs…

Continuous Support

Issues do not take time off, neither do our support services.  The Help Desk, NOC, and your Support Team are constantly monitoring for problems.  Call our Help Desk during normal business hours, and should you need us after hours don’t worry- you can still reach us.

“No Geek Speak”

No need to fear, when contacting the Help Desk or talking to our staff we will not use any “Geek Speak”. Our job is to process the difficult parts of IT and distill it down to a language we all speak.  This commitment is based on the principle that we handle the hard stuff, and make it easy on you. Plain and Simple.  Period.